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Website Accessibility Policy

We are committed to accessibility and help you access our information and services.

We strive to make our website as accessible and usable as possible by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). For example:

  • Images have alternative text, so if you can’t see the image, you can still read the text.
  • The color contrast between the foreground and background is sufficiently strong.
  • Text resizes according to user preference.
  • Headings are correctly used and represent an accurate and logical outline of the content (they’re not just ordinary text made to look big and bold).
  • Links make sense by themselves (no links that say “click here” or “more…”).
  • Tables are used for laying out tabular information and have proper headings and summaries.
  • Lists items are defined as HTML bulleted lists to present items of equal status or value and as numbered lists if a particular order to the items is appropriate.
  • The content is fully accessible and operable with keyboard navigation only.

For those familiar with WCAG, we aim for AA compliance across our site.

Report a problem

If you have a problem using our site, you email us at info@novarpm.com, or by calling us at 571-969-6514.

We will try to fix the issue, and we’ll attempt to provide the information you’re seeking in a format accessible to you.

Where to find accessibility tools

If you have any type of disability, we recommend that you visit AbilityNet’s My Computer My Way, which provides advice on making your computer accessible.

Date of last revision: July 19, 2023