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Standard Repair Costs

As a Tenant, you’ve several responsibilities, including but not limited to, keeping the property clean and free of pests, operating all appliances in a safe and reasonable manner, replacing light bulbs, replacing the HVAC filter at least once every 2 months, keeping all drains and toilets clear, maintaining caulking around tubs and showers, maintaining carpet and floor in good condition, repairing damaged screens, taking steps to prevent moisture accumulation, maintaining lawn and shrubbery, keeping smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in working order, etc.

Please refer to your Lease, specifically, Section 21: Tenant Obligations, Section 23: Landlord Consent Required, and Section 35: Move-Out Inspection for the full list of Tenant’s responsibilities.

Failure to do so will result in a charge to the Tenant equal to the higher of the following standard repair costs, or the actual costs, as determined by the Property Manager. All costs are per item and will be charged for each occurrence.

Blinds or curtains$50
Hole in the wall (under 2″ at the widest point)$50
Hole in the wall (over 2″ at the widest point)$125
Paint one wall edge-to-edge$150
Paint one room$500
Remediation for smoking inside the house$1,000
Unclog the toilet, drain, dishwasher, or garbage disposal$100
Replace HVAC air filter$25
Lockout Fee$150
Trash/junk removal (per 42-gallon bag)$50
Trash/junk removal (bulk, per item)$125
Trash/junk removal (bulk, per trip)$400
Replace flooring (per square foot, must replace the entire room) $10
Replace window screen$75
Replace door screen$100
Remove and re-install the toilet$100
Replace toilet seat$50
Caulking around the tub or shower$75
Replace cabinet knob or handle$25
Replace an interior door handle$50
Replace door stop$10
Replace a wall plate for an outlet or light switch$20
Replace a standard lightbulb$5
Replace a non-standard lightbulb (e.g., flood light, globe light, etc.)$10
Replace the CO or Smoke alarm battery$20
Mow the lawn$100
Prune shrubbery$100