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Setting Up Your Tenant Account

You should receive an email from Rentec to access your Tenant Portal. When you log in, you want to do a few things:

  1. Set up your payment accounts
  2. Submit Application Deposit
  3. Set up your Renters Insurance

1 – Set Up Payment Accounts

To set up your ACH, do the following:

1 – Click on Payments

2 – Click on Manage Payment Accounts (purple button on the upper right)

Set up payment accounts

3 – Click on Add Bank Account

add bank account information

4 – Enter your Routing Number

5 – Enter your Account Number

6 – Click on I agree to the payment terms, and privacy policy.

7 – Click on Add Account

8 – If you have multiple payment accounts, make sure to set ACH as your Primary method

9 – We also highly recommend that you Schedule Recurring Payments from your Payments dashboard

2 – Submit Application Deposit

1 – Click on Payments

2 – Click on Pay Now

3 – Enter the amount due on Pay This Amount

4 – Select the payment method From This Account

5 – Click I agree to the privacy policy, and refund policy.

6 – Click Make Payment

3 – Set Up Your Renters Insurance

The Owner’s insurance does NOT protect your belongings and provide you with liability protection. It is important that you set up a Renters Insurance. We require a minimum of $100,000 in liability protection and you must name NOVA Rental Property Management Inc. as an “Additional Interest”. You can purchase or submit your insurance document from your Summary page.

Option to purchase renters insurance or submit one from another insurer.

It is important to note that you need your own insurance policy if you’re not a family, specifically, a married couple or parent-child.

4 – Download Resident Connect by Rentec on your phone

You can also access your account and submit Work Order through your phone. This is the best way to submit work order because you send us photos directly from your phone.

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