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Rent Ready Property Standards

In general, we normally let the existing lease ends before we start advertising a property for rent — but there may be rare circumstances where we would advertise while the current occupants are still living in the property.

We are committed to providing safe, clean, and well-maintained homes to our Tenants. To this end, we strive to meet the following standards with our managed properties before we advertise and rent a property:

  • Property is professionally cleaned — free of trash and debris, inside and outside.
  • Carpet is professionally cleaned and looks fresh.
  • Home is free of pests.
  • Home is free of mold.
  • Have the property professionally treated for fleas and ticks if animals have been present.
  • All mechanical components work as designed. Includes HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, sump pumps, water softeners, sprinkler systems, gas fireplaces, water filtration systems, etc.
  • HVAC system to be in good operating condition, with a new filter installed.
  • Refrigerator has a new water filter installed.
  • Caulkings for the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and free of mildew.
  • Doors open and close smoothly, locks work, and doorstops are installed on all doors.
  • Windows must open, close, and lock properly, and window screens are in good condition.
  • All drains, faucets, and toilets are working.
  • All lightbulbs are working.
  • All smoke alarms and CO alarms are working.
  • All switches and outlets are working, in good condition, and secured.
  • Fireplace is professionally cleaned and inspected.
  • Lawns, trees, and shrubbery are pruned and cut.
  • Gutters professionally cleaned.

The items above meet the requirements of NVAR: K1354 VRLTA Lease Agreement, Section 15 (“Tenant Maintenance Obligations”) and Section 19 (“Move-Out Inspection”)