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Free Rental Portfolio and Risk Assessment Analysis

In addition to providing excellent Property Management services, we offer rental portfolio and risk assessment analysis for property owners. Here are the items we cover in our analysis

Insurance and Liability Protection

We review your insurance policies and ownership structure to ensure you’re covered.

  • Ownership Interest
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Contingency Planning – In case something happens to you. Is there someone to handle the daily management of the property?

Property Maintenance

  • Property Inspection – When did you or your current property manager last inspect the property?
  • Inventory of major systems and appliances
  • Recommend preventative Maintenance
  • Set up Emergency Reserve for repairs and future replacements.

Financial and Estate Planning

  • Market Rent Analysis – Check your property market value and recommend strategies to improve rental income
  • Cash Flow Analysis – Review your current income vs. your expenses
  • Check for Proper Accounting
  • Maximize Tax Deduction – Review your previous year’s tax returns to find opportunities.
  • Set up Owner’s Reserve to help you deal with repairs, replacements, and improvements.

Legal Compliances

  • Escrow Management – Is the security deposit held in a separate escrow account?
  • VRLTA – Does your rental complies with the local laws
  • Service Animal and ESA Compliance
  • ADA Compliance
  • Fair Housing Compliance

Let’s set up a time today to review your real estate investment portfolio so we can help you maximize your returns, minimize your ris, and improve the value of your assets.

Contact us at 571-969-6514 or info@novarpm.com to set up your free consultation today!