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New Owner Checklist

Welcome to the NOVA Rental Property Management Family! To help you transition from self-management, or from another management company, we offer you this checklist.

1 – Provide Keys and Fobs

  • A minimum of 2 sets of keys & fobs, including
    • Front Door
    • Key fobs
    • Mailbox
    • Any other keys
  • Garage door remotes
  • Remotes
  • Parking Passes

2 – Information to Provide to NOVARPM

  • Your Email and Phone number
  • Forwarding address
  • Signed W9 Form including your SSN or EIN
  • ACH Routing and Account Numbers
  • Existing Lease Agreement and Addendums (if any)
  • Utility providers information
  • Mailbox #, Storage Room #, etc.
  • Door code, Garage door code, Security alarm code, etc.
  • HOA/Condo rules and contact information
  • Insurance Agent’s contact information

3 – Update Your Insurance

  • Convert your Homeowner’s Policy to a Landlord’s Policy
  • Add “NOVA Rental Property Management Inc.” as Additional Insured
  • We highly recommend you add at least a $1 million Umbrella Policy for extra liability coverage. You may not be obtain an umbrella policy without an auto policy.

4 – Set Up Your Owner Portal

After you Property Manager set up your account in our system, you will get an email invite to your Owner Portal.

Make sure log in and you set up your Owner Portal so that you can access important information about your property.

5 – Update Contact Information

Depending on how much you want to stay involved with the day-to-day management, you may want to update the contact information to NOVARPM for the following:

  • Homeowner’s or Condo Association
  • Pest Control Company
  • Lawn Services Company
  • Any other service or organization we need to monitor or work with on your behalf

6 – Prepare Your Home

Please consult our Rent Ready Property Standards and make sure you complete the checklist for applicable items. If you need help, we can coordinate with vendors to complete the checklist on your behalf.

7 – Non-Resident Landlord

If you are not a Virginia resident, you must file a Form R-5 with the Department of Taxation. We will file this for you on your behalf.