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Join Our Team

We are looking for experienced REALTORS® that want to expand their services into the field of Residential Property Management. If the following describes you, you might be an ideal candidate to join our team:

  • You are licensed in Virginia
  • You are customer focused, responsive, and good at problem solving.
  • You have completed at least 3 sales transactions as a listing agent, 3 sales transactions as a buying agent, and 3 rental transactions as a listing agent.
  • You want to learn and are willing to follow more structured processes and best practices. Don’t worry, you still have the freedom and flexibility you currently enjoy as a real estate agent.

How Offering Property Management Can Help You Grow Your Business

  • It is 10x easier to find and convert property management leads than fighting over expensive seller and buyer leads.
  • You can build a steady recurring income that grows monthly.
  • Your Property Management Owners and Tenants are a great source of referrals and future sales opportunities.

Pathway to $100k+ GCI

The chart below demonstrates how adding just a few Property Management clients (“doors”) per month can help you grow your potential revenue to $100k+ in just one to two years.

Commission Split and Responsibilities

You’re responsible for negotiating your own management fees, leasing fees, and sales commissions with your clients. The Broker’s Fee is what we deduct from your negotiated commission.

ServicesBroker’s FeeYour ResponsibilitiesOur Responsibilities
Property Management2% of monthly rent collectedYou handle all client facing and on-site activities, including meeting contractors, site inspection, etc.We provide process training, software, templates, and all back office support, including:
✅ Tenant Screening
✅ Accounting, e.g., rent collection, pay Owners and Vendors, pay PM, etc.
✅ Tax Reporting
✅ Escrow funds management
✅ Eviction support
Rental Listings5% of monthly rent✅ Marketing
✅ Showing
✅ Lease Preparation
✅ Move-in Inspection and Orientation
✅ Tenant Screening
✅ Security Deposit Collection
Sales Transactions$345 flat fee per side
Other Items✅ Marketing materials
✅ Signage
✅ Lockboxes
✅ Sign Post
✅ Website
✅ Business cards
✅ E&O Insurance
✅ Training
✅ Support
✅ Processes
✅ Templates
✅ Forms
✅ Digital Signature Software

Contact Us Today

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, reach out to our Principal Broker today:

Pinyo Bhulipongsanon, Principal Broker
571-969-6514 – call or text